PS4 Slim - disc not inserting at all, stuck guard?

Hi all.

I have a PS4 Slim that’s a couple of years old.

My discs aren’t inserting at all for it - not even part way. I’ve tried:
– soft/hard rebooting it
– unplugging it for an extended time
– tightening the manual eject screw

Today I took it apart and found that there was a disc in there, so I removed that… and it’s still not working.

When I had it apart I saw that the rollers are in place and aligned, but ‘down’, and there is a guard up over the insertion point. I don’t know how to get the guard down and the rollers to move back up into place.

Any help would be appreciated.

~ Aby.

There should be a self ejection screw located to the left of the drive…insert a small screwdriver and turn counter clockwise to raise the rollers and lower the guard. Make sure they are aligned properly before putting drive back together.

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