PS4 slim disk drive weird behavior

Hello experts,

I discovered TronicsFix randomly while trying to understand what’s going on with my console (PS4 slim). Great videos by the way.

Here is my concern:
When I insert a disk (whichever it is), I hear a noise like a mechanism trying to engage but does not. It makes sort of a clinging noise about 4/5 times, stops, and tries again for about 3 more times then stops for good, disk not recognized.

Searching on the net, some people advise to gently tap on top of the console to get it to read disks (which I didn’t want to try) or put it in a vertical position.
This last one partially works.

When I try to insert a disk with the console standing vertically, doesn’t work. BUT, when inserting a disk and gently lifting it to a vertical position, then I can hear the disk spinning.
And then it works perfectly (back in horizontal).

I followed the videos, opening the console and the drive to see if something was wrong, loose piece, something bent, etc. Nothing.
The console opened, I inserted a disk to check the behavior, confirmed, does not spin and I saw some flashing red and blue lights close to the lense.
And same, when tilting gently the console to a vertical position, the disk starts spinning mid-way (about 50° angle I’d say).

I cleaned the interior as much as I could (not much dust to be honest).
I didn’t have the courage to continue de teardown entirely (wanted to see the model of the lense just in case). Too afraid to do something wrong…

Anyway, the console works fine except that annoying issue with the drive.

Would you happen to know what’s going on?

Thanks for your feedbacks.


It’s a little bit difficult if you can’t provide the drive picture (opened drive). You could post on and gave us the link but please note that because you are new member then the feature for upload picture or link still not opened yet, so you have to tweak the link for a bit like adding symbol in front http so the web can’t recognize it as a link.