PS4 slim - doorbell buzz and no picture

A refurbished, “Sony Graded Product” PS4 Slim (CUH-2016A) that I bought about a month ago just started acting excatly like the one shown here: htt ps:// (jump to 0:30).
It’s in a well ventilated, open space, seated horizontaly. Does not seem to be getting too hot, although the fans do ramp up considerably from time to time. I’m using the original, bundled HDMI cable, the TV is a Samsung 2017 model.
Is this something any of you guys ever faced?
If possible, I’d like to avoid having to send it back, as I bought it in a store abroad, so it’ll involve a rather lenghty and costly delivery.

Any ideas?

Can you please describe the problem that your PS4 is having?

It boots, runs and starts games just fine, but sometimes (completely at random) it will make this buzzing noise, kinda like a muffled PC speaker, or and old doorbell. The buzz lasts about 5 sec. and then the screen goes “no signal”, while the console’s led remains white and I have to pull the plug to turn it off.

The video descibes it best.


OK, gotcha…unfortunately, I don’t know what causes that. I’ve seen a similar problem before but was never able to figure out what caused it. I assumed it was a problem with the APU. Hopefully someone else will see this that knows.

The buzz sounds like it would be electrical in nature because electricity arcing makes a buzzing sound it sounds like somethings damaged which is causing electricity to arc inside the unit

Nope. It’s not electrical, or arc-like. It’s more like a “wrong answer” buzz that they use in TV shows.

Could very well be hard drive i’d advise you stop using it if you want to recover data a buzzing hard drive means it’s failing try pulling out the hard drive and see if it stops if it doesn’t you may have a fan or optical issue if it’s fan then then the system likely requires new thermal paste but it’s most likely hard drive

Nope either. I already checked that by attaching the HDD to a laptop a running a SMART checkup. I also wiped and reinitialized it.

No you need to turn on the ps4 without the harddrive in it it’s called process of elimination if the buzzing isn’t there then it’s your hard drive though it could still be the optical drive or fan you need to narrow it down

Rrrighty… How do I actually use it without the HDD?
Thanks, but that will not help, I’m afraid.

It dosent need to be the optical drive or fan that noise is totally sound like a beeper inside the ps4 i dont have much idea of how the ps4 works but that totally isnt a mecanical piece there seems something wrong with the moderboard

There isn’t a beeper in the ps4’s i’ve worked on several and powering on the ps4 without the hard drive just lets you know if there is still an issue there or if the buzzing was the hard drive because hard drives are known to buzz when they are starting to fail