PS4 Slim error code CE-34878-0

Hello all! I am looking for some insight on the issue of my PS4 Slim throwing an error code CE-34878-0. It has been doing this for a while now, and is progressivly getting worse over time. It does not happen to all games, but mainly happens when playing Fortnite, but won’t happen when playing Minecraft, for example. We have tried all of the self troubleshooting tips. We made sure the PS4 is running the latest update, as well as all the games, we deleted and reinstalled the games, we did a database rebuild, we even went as far as replacing the original HDD with a brand-new one. We backed up the old game saves, themes, etc. and reinstalled the latest PS4 update via a USB drive. The only thing not backed up was the application data. The issue still continues, almost making the PS4 unplayable.

TLDR: PS4 Slim keeps throwing CE-34878-0 on certain games, tried all fixes, even replacing HDD.

Any insight that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hey there,
I personally am not familiar with the error code. But searching the web tells me that one of the most common causes for the error is replacing the original hdd with a different one. Was the hdd inside your playstation really the original hdd before you replaced it?
Did you also try factory resetting your PS4? From what I have read this seems to fix it in many cases.

Yes it was the original hdd. The console was brand new when we got it. We did a factory reset and restore.

I have an update: We took the console to a local repair shop with a good reputation, and they determined that the HDD was bad. I told them that was impossible as it was brand new. We picked up the console and did a full restore. We did not do a system transfer, instead we signed into it as a new console. We used the Playstation Plus service and downloaded the save data from the cloud and reinstalled the games. As of me writing this, it is playing just fine with zero crashes! My theory is that a corrupted file must have just been transferred over, and that is what was causing the crashes.

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Hey there,
thanks for the follow up! Have fun playing with your PS4 :smiley:

Yeah sony are full of shit mate that won’t cause the issue that’s one that i’ll have to debunk because I happen to have a ton of experience with them and know that they are simply nothing more than a computer and computers don’t complain when you replace their hard drive sony are just covering up faulty drive issues