Ps4 slim fan speed and well ventilated area

Hello so just recently clean ps4 slim with proper care used of 90% alcohol, new thermal pads, new thermal paste, heat sink well cleaned, fan blades also well cleaned. And also new 1tb hdd from seagate so i reinstall all games and when i play any game suddenly ps4 fan speed increased and it stay idle while playing game and i have keep ps4 in ventilated area so cool air conditioner also hits the table where ps4 is placed then i also tried vertical and horizontal position but fan Speed same as it is doesn’t slow down and when i close the game fan speed remains same as earlier i wait for 10 mins but no slow down then i have restart it and after restart fan speed remain slow quite no issues. But i don’t know what is the issue and why it increases the fan speed please help me to sort this issue out. Thank you in advance.