Ps4 slim faulty power supply

Ps4 slim starts up then beebs twice then cuts off if you turn it back on it cuts off a few times then beebs twice n cuts off some times it sorts it self where u can play it for a few hours but after turning it off it starts cutting off if u try turning it on iv put knew thermo paste on cleaned the fan and concol when its running aventually and u put your hand over the power brick its warm but rest of the ps4 is cool any ideas what it can be im thinking faulty power brick/supply

That does sound like it could be a failing power supply but it may possibly be a failing apu but it’s most likely the power supply it can be easily verified with a good working power supply

Is there away of testing the apu?

You just use voltmeter and then you look around for shorted capacitors

Thanks il do that when im off work cheers

Multimeter mate that should work

Where on the board are you suggesting to check?

There are capacitors all around the apu check them for continuity good multimeters beep so the capacitors should only beep on one side if they beep one both there is something wrong one will likely mean the capacitor is bad but multiple will mean the apu is bad