Ps4 slim hdd unnoticeble ticking sound during boot up

I am experiencing something strange with my PS4 SLIM HGST HDD it started months ago during boot-up of the PS4 when I get close to the Ps4 where the HDD sits I can hear some ticking sound one at a time until the PS4 boots to the screen saying cannot start Ps4 with no error codr when it can’t access the hdd and when i turn off and on back this time it ticks a littble bit then boots up(the ticking is only noticeable when i get very very close to the hdd bay)and this has increased the bootup time of the system but when playing if I get my ear close the ticking is is only during boot up. The strangest part is that when I check for errors or the health of the drive using crystal disk and HD sentinel the drive has no errors and it is at 100% health also during gaming there is no sound no freezing no lagging whatsoever runs smoothly for hours doesn’t shut down randomly.
and I noticed that the longer boot-up time is due to the ticking when I press the power button this sound can not be noticed unless your ear is very close to the HD compartment there anyone here that can help me figure out what is happening

This is a faulty hard drive. Replace it and then download the update from the PlayStation website (the second one not the first one) put it on a USB drive then update the new hard drive in the console via the USB stick