PS4 Slim Laser Intermittent Issues Weird Thing Happening

I have a strange issue going on with a PS4 Slim CUH2015A
The issue started with the “unrecognized disc”

I’ve gone through, cleaning the disc, turning the console on its side but no luck

Initially the system would accept a disc and you could hear the laser moving back and forth, along with the tray/magnet resetting the disc to try to read it.

After tearing apart the machine, cleaning and checking the 3 fuses( all had continuity) I thought it was an optical drive issue. I purchased a complete optical drive from ifixit, which included new ribbon cables.

After disassembly again…new drive installed…no avail, same issue.

I can visually see the laser not powering up. I’ve put a disc in without the “top contraption” of the optical drive and can see the laser moving back and forth but still does not recognize the disc.

I did get the machine to read a disc, I have no idea what I did. But as soon as I power down the machine and pop up the power supply to reassemble, the issue comes back

Now this is where I’m stumped because I read on Reddit that you can reset the drive by holding down the eject button.

So I did that and it worked. Console is fully assembled and will accept the disc and read it but as soon as I restart the console, the issue comes back and the drive will not read the disc. The laser goes back to not powering on. I have searched and searched online but I can not find anything on this issue.

Any ideas?