Ps4 slim multiple faults

I have a slim with multiple faults. at first there was only one issue that was the disc drive would accept a disc but wouldn’t spin them, I took the system apart to investigate, I have replaced the thing that reads the discs and spins them (not sure what the whole thing is called) that didn’t fix it so I took it back apart and attempted to replace the ribbon cables and tested the little switches inside the drive, the switches was working. now after putting it back together 2 new faults have appeared 1. the power button and eject button doesn’t work the light doesn’t even turn on. Yet if you press the ps button on the controller the system will turn on and boot to the home screen. The second new fault is now the disc drive won’t take a disc in as if it has no power at all. I took it all back apart and put the original ribbon cables back in. It still doesn’t work. In frustration I gave up and decided to just play games I have digitally well unfortunately after about 2 to 3 minutes the console just shut off, now it won’t turn back on at all. It had thermal paste and the fan was working so I don’t believe this was an overheating problem but I’m completely confused on what could have caused this.

Update didn’t take me long to discover that the APU is dead I’m not an electronic pro by any means but I’m pretty sure every component directly under the APU is not supposed to be shorting to ground. Even the top components are shorting to ground

That’s a shame, maybe you could try to reflow/reball the APU?

I’m not good enough to even attempt that so I’ll just probably set the board aside for parts luckily I do have 2 ps4 pros and 3 originals so I am not without a ps4.