PS4 Slim no image no audio White light of death WLOD

Hello, I got this PS4 Slim model 2016 that shows no image and no audio, but the TV still recognizes it as a plugged device.

I’ve changed the HDMI port but no luck whatsoever. The HDMI port I bought was sold as both PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim compatible, but it is slightly different as you can see from the photo. Maybe is this the problem?

The HDMI Panasonic IC had pretty normal values and the filters has proper connection with both hdmi port and the IC.

I’ve bought and installed another HDMI Port, still no signal. No hot air used, only soldering station. Checked all the connections between the HDMI Port / filters / IC.

If the Panasonic IC Is faulty, then why there isn’t a single short in the IC or in the whole HDMI area? All the measured values are normal in diode mode