Ps4 slim no power no lights its not the power supply sad002

Hi all got a slim here today was working fine one day, next day no power.
No beeps nothing
Swapped good working power supply still the same
Used current power supply in another slim works fine so logic board related.
checked all fuses on board fine.
any ideas? nothing looks blown ect. So I’m stumped

Have a couple Slim boards with the same issue. Wish I had a thermal camera to see if any components get hard when power is applied

I meant to say hot so to pinpoint the component that’s causing the issue

I’ve just ordered a flir one pro, it’s a cellphone add, but its cheap and makes the job… its around 350 dlls

Seen those… no sure if my job will flip the bill for that

@TechMedics i had a simliar issue, the problem was a ribbon cable slightly moved, i think it was shorting 2 pins or something like that, but i put it back straight and the console did turn on again just perfect…

@TechMedics I have the same problem I got a console gave to me basically no power lights beep nothing bought a power supply changed it and it did nothing it’s wasn’t “roach infested” but had a couple in it can someone please help me fix this in depth I have knowledge of taking them apart and ect but not about troubleshooting much

Did you find out what was causing this

Pretty sure it’s the southbridge so that’s not a repair I’m gonna undertake as I don’t do bga repairs

So basically it’s not fixable and just use it for parts

I have a similar problem. I found some open transistors on the 5v line of the motherboard.