PS4 Slim No Power

I’m looking at a CUH-2015A slim PS4. I have no info on what happened to it. There is no power and no lights. I tried to push a game in the drive and it won’t power up as well.
Unfortunately I don’t have a good power supply to swap in.

  • Fuses in power supply are good.

Any suggestions on where to go from here? If the lights don’t power up then should I be checking the 5V power?

Checked resistor and all transistors and diodes seem ok on power supply. Ended up running some tests and it seems I’m getting an intermittent 5v. Was able to jumper the 5v line to turn on 12v. Tried again and nothing, no 5v, not able to jumper to get 12v. Unplugged for 40 seconds, and was able to get 12v.
The power supply maybe working. I’ve heard of a couple people that their power supply was ok and it was a motherboard issue.
I may try to trace the 5v line and see where it goes on the motherboard. What fuses should I check on the board?

Looking for recommendations on testing power supply to verify working. I’ll be checking the components by the HDMI port on the MTBD as well when I have time.