Ps4 slim not turning on after cmos battery replacement and cleaning

I have a problem with my ps4 slim so I changed out the cmos battery with a new one and I also cleaned it but after assembling everything back in I cannot boot it up but the weird part is that when I press the eject button it beeps 3 times but when I press the power it doesn’t respond I’ve tried connecting a controller and holding the power button down but I have not gotten any luck what should I do? I’ve also tried inserting a game but still it won’t turn on

First off I’m a novice, but I thought I would give my two cents. In the PlayStation4 original, there are little metal pieces that allow the buttons, that are part of the outer shells, to I guess interface with the rest of the system. They stick off the back of the buttons which are, again, part of the shell. I don’t know if it’s the same in the slim, but I did bend one of the metal pieces, the one to the eject button and have lost functionality of said button on my station. If they’re little metal pieces allowing the buttons on the shell to interface with the rest of the machine, make sure that they are both intact and interfacing with the rest of the system.