PS4 SLIM ONE BEEP shutoff but occasionally boots up normal

Hi there, I got a PS4 SLIM SAD-001 that does one beep blue light shows 1sec and turns off, eject button can 3beeps all the time though. Weird thing is it will turn on just fine if I keep trying pressing power button and wait for another cycle, about 5~10 times, it will just boots up fine.

I tried known PSU, no difference, and did check NOR dump with validator, and even no short on board( since it would still boots up).

Standby voltage checked ok, current draws about 0mA->125mA->24mA, it seems good to me.
Next, I would try replacing the CXD90036G SB and see if anything change.
Any thoughts are welcomed!

I have a similar problem with a PS4 PRO NVA-001.

If you open the NOR dump, what error codes are shown at 0x001C5200?
Every error code has 20 Bytes and is written as Little Endian.

0x001C5200: 11 00 81 80 A0 3E D4 15 04 10 FF 00 00 01 00 00 → 80810011
0x001C5210: AE 00 1F 00 FF FF 00 2A FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
0x001C5220: 11 00 81 80 26 BB D4 15 04 10 FF 00 00 01 00 00 → 80810011
0x001C5230: AE 00 1F 00 FF FF 80 16 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF
0x001C5240: 11 00 81 80 29 3B D5 15 04 10 FF 00 00 01 00 00 → 80810011
0x001C5250: AE 00 1F 00 FF FF 80 17 FF FF FF FF FF FF FF FF

Thats what I have from nor dump
1C5200-> 80000009
1C5210-> 00010109
1C5220-> 80810011

I think 1C5210 is part of the data for 1C5200.
80000009 and 80810011 are the error codes.
Till now I haven’t found a PS4 UART error list beside Update and Network errors. No hardware related errors.

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I found the culprit in my case: a resistor with far off value. ToltecMerc had an similar case. After replaceing the resistor, the PS4 is running without issues. :slight_smile:

were you having one beep shut off before?

Yes, the one with one beep and blue light for maybe one second.

SLIM board has fairly less components than others and I dont see any missing/broken, I guess would be APU in the end.

I’m pretty sure that the SLIM board has the both pmics and the resistors, where I found my fault. :slight_smile: