PS4 Slim Optical Drive Diagnostics

Hello folks,

Last week I procured a “for parts” PS4 for the stunning price of $15. Even more stunning is that it worked fine once I fixed the buttons to be in place (the console had taken a fall at some point and gotten damaged on the corner, knocking the power/eject buttons out of place) and cleaned the years of cigarette residue from inside the console.

The disc drive, however, doesn’t work. Both fuses test okay on the mainboard, and it will turn on when you try to put a disc in, but it doesn’t feed the disc in, nor does the drive spin up if I hold the switch down on the motor board.

Is this an issue with the motor control board (I dunno the actual term for it, sorry), or something else?


Hello! Ok so you started by measuring fuses, excelent! After that go for ribbon cables. In the worst case you have a dead power manager BD7764MUV. Also RENESAS is very important but unluckily non replaceable as of my understanding.