Ps4 Slim OverHeat

Hey I have a ps4 slim and I had opened it to clean it because it overheats, so I cleaned the heat sink and the cooling fan but is still loud and overheats. Any solutions?

Is your fan disconnected? TronicsFix will have a video on this on YouTube. He will disconnect a fan on camera to show what an overheating PS4 does, it will show you what the fan looks like when disconnected. Otherwise it needs to get sent in

You know that piece that tighens down the heatsink to the apu? there should be a spacer inbetween to get some more pressure on the apu.
if not. i would take everything off and check the thermal pads around the apu. and look at the apu to see how the thermal paste has spread. hope it helps

Does the fan spin? Also, are you 100% sure that you put new thermal paste in a put it back together correctly. I’ve fixed lots of them that just weren’t re assembled correctly OR that didn’t have new thermal paste put in after they were torn apart.

I’m sure the fan spins but I’m too scared to put new thermal paste because maybe I’ll destroy it. I’ve bought a stand for my ps4 sling and it’s been helping but once in a while the fan is super loud that you cant hear the game.

Try reapplying new thermal paste that should do the trick

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Don’t be scared about putting thermal paste on mate it’s actually pretty easy thermal paste is none conductive so it can’t really do any harm

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@PinkLightning is right…it needs new thermal paste and it’s really not too hard to do for most people. There are lots of teardowns and guides on YouTube for this. I’m pretty confident that that’s why it’s overheating now and if you put new paste in it will work fine.