PS4 Slim Roller Alignment? Not ejecting disks

I have a PS4 slim that doesn’t eject disks. It used to, just very slowly, but now we have to manually pull it out every time. I’ve taken it apart and cleaned the rollers and all that, but while I was in there, I noticed the right roller (when it’s open with the front facing me) is housed under that bottom plate for some reason. Every single diy fix I’ve looked up shows these rollers aligned straight across and yet my ps4 rollers are wonky. That right one, since it’s under the plate, dips toward the front (post won’t let me add pic, so heres the file:
1000014477|375x500 ) and does an odd shot back up to the housing on the right. I’ve only seen one other person apparently have this problem and her post never got answered, the accepted answer just said how to manually eject; not helpful for realignment. Is it supposed to be like this or is the plate weird? How do I fix this?

If you use the manual eject screw, is it possible to put a disc in and out without any problems?