PS4 Slim (SAD-002) - Not taking discs but fuses are ok

Hi all.

I recently purchased a PS4 slim that was known to have a non-working Bluray drive. I’d seen a lot of videos about the F6202 fuse and I fancied having a go at doing a fix myself. So, I got myself a rework station, soldering iron, multimeter etc and got to work. I was pleased to find that the F6202 was indeed open. So I ordered a replacement and proceeded to make good on the fix (my first ever experience, and it was a challenge). I retested continuity across the fuse and to the vias and everything was as expected. All other fuses had continuity. So, I confidently reassembled only to find it still wasn’t taking discs. It detects them and turns the console on but no roller movement. The eject button gives three beeps.

Being wary of throwing good money after bad, what should my next steps be? I’ve seen people talking about bad renesas chips which would pretty much signal the end. I thought that was supposed to be rare so I would feel unlucky. Should I try replacing ribbons? What would other people check next?Thanks.