Ps4 slim SAF-005 BLOD 17 seconds - fan spin for 1 second

hey there,

i got a ps4 slim which has a blod. when you turn on the ps4 the fan spins for 1 second. the hdd spind the whole time. after around 17 seconds the ps4 shuts off. you can imidietly turn on the console again. i already replaced the PSU and HDD. what could bewrong?

best regards

Its likely a motherboard issue. 90% of the time thats what it is.

xD of course its a motherboard issue. what else should it be? but what exactly or at least a direction was my question. apu, ram, nand etc?

thx anyways

There is no way to tell as of right now. There is a diagnosis tool in the works but there is no tutorial on how to use it

interesting. could you please name the tool or link it? thx.

I’m in the same boat.
17 seconds and turns off.
Can someone name that diagnosis tool?