PS4 Slim Screen Glitching

My PlayStation 4 Slim is glitching on the home screen and in several games. It’s gradually getting worse.

I’ve posted 3 short videos to show what’s going on: (Roku Cam on YouTube) I’m not able to take pictures of the screen right now but will later if need be.

I have used 3 different HDMI cables, two monitors and a 4K TV. It even looks this way using the Remote Play app, so I know it’s an internal (GPU?) issue.

I’ve rebuilt the database several times in the past few weeks, no help. I’ve turned off HDR and Deep Color Output off, all other video settings to Automatic.

Please let me know what’s going on and if it’s something that can be fixed on my own.



If this glitching appears even remotely then sadly could be an apu issue (apu is the main processor, there is no gpu as a separeta unit on ps4)

I have a similar problem like @RokuCam but with mine, my screen flickers whenever I turn it on. The screen keeps going on and off nonstop while displaying the ps4 home screen and responding to the controller.

I tried changing my TV and also did all that @RokuCam tried too but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem. However, on some few days it just seems to work perfectly again with no problems. Please what do you advise that I do? @tronicsfix

Unfortunately the only time mine seems to clear up is when I play split screen online multiplayer rounds of CoD Black Ops 3. Literally no other time…
(I’m sure CoD has nothing to do with this issue, just making an interesting observation)

Hey @RokuCam mine started working again last night. It doesn’t work for my 4K curved Samsung TV but it does work for my flat screen smart TV (also Samsung)

What I did was to try all that you did. And then I went to settings while the screen was glitchy and selected “sound and screen”.
I then went on the to the video output settings and changed the resolution to 720p
It stopped glicthing afterwards.
Also try putting the tv in game mode.
Let me know if it works for you

Hi @Ney when I read your reply I immediately said dang why didn’t I think of that! I tried it and unfortunately it didn’t do anything. My TV is on game mode and I cycled through from 480p-1080p with no changes (other than resolution obviously)

Thanks anyway!

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Thanks @La_Hache_Es_Muda. So I’m guessing there isn’t a cost-effective fix?

thats right.!! at that point tries are expensives.! reballing, apu swapping (which include other components) etc…

Alright, thanks for your help!

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You’re welcome
I hope you find a way to resolve your issue soon