Ps4 slim shows blue light when i press turning on button and shutts down at the same moment

Hello, my ps4 is 4 years old now and i was playing normally and suddenly it shutted down, i left it for some hours then turn it on, the same problem happened but in less time and after that it became shutts down in less time and now when i just press the button it shows the blue light with sound but immediately turn off.

I visited two repairing places and they told me its the processor, and if they fix the processor “which costs 90$” they won’t guarantee that it continues to work and i should buy a new one.
If anyone knows anything about please tell me because i feel i’m lost.

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The long pulsing blue light and showing nothing on screen represents the Blue Light Of Death (BLOD).
Maybe you’re facing two problems:

  1. Maybe the clamps that holding the APU are screwed too tight causing too much pressure
  2. Soldering joints under the APU are faulty.
    Plus perhaps the PS4 is overheating and shuts down.

Now my question is this:
Did the PS4 prompts that it became too hot or it shuts LOD)down without any warning?