Ps4 slim too slow

Ps4 slim is getting too slow, even to change settings and when playing any game online or by myself it takes too long to load graphics, I bought a new controller and upgrade the hard drive, clean the fan and everything inside but, still getting getting worse every day, any help with this?

Try going into safe mode and rebuilding the database

I did, I even did the full sistem initialization, and still the same, getting slower every day

Does the fan get loud? If not the system might be about to die

No, no noise, and I just bought my ps4 months ago. Thanks , I just don’t know what to do anymore

I mean 5 months ago, and it was working fine and all the sudden started getting slow

Is it still under warranty? If so I would contact sony

I don’t think so, because I open it to see if the fan and the heat sink need it to be clean,

Did you just take off the top? Because that won’t void the warranty

No, I actually remove the bottom part, because this ps4 had plastic welded instead of screws, so in order to clean the fan and heat sink I had to do it from the bottom