PS4 slim, upgrade error. blu-ray doent't work. Not fuse problem

Hi all!
I’m strugling with a PS4 slim (one of the latest boards, SAF-004).
This PS4 came to me with the typical upgrade error su-42118-6. I disscarded hard drive errors since I also noticed the blu-ray unit didn’t accept any disk, and it also didn’t make any noise.
I later checked that the ps4 turns on when I try to insert a disk, and the plastic piece of the driver touches the sensor inside the optical unit, but none of the motors inside the unit tries to move.
I checked all the fuses on the board, and all of them are good. Also checked for shorts around the motor driver or the disc unit controller.
On the other hand, I noticed that this version of the motherboard has installed a Mediatek disk controller, instead of the Renesas which used to be a source of problems in previous boards.

I don’t know what else to check, or maybe I should consider that the Mediatek controller is not working any more (maybe due to a bad firmware upgrade). In such case, should I consider that this unit is not fixable?

Thank you!

i’ve seen a few slims with that mediatek chip and same problem, seems like that chips it’s failing at some point… i would try ovearheating the chip with heat gun, just as an experiment to see if heat brings it back to life…

I’ve tried your suggestion, but without any luck sadly…