PS4 slim USB problem (findings)

So I was toying around with a system that had no usb connectivity. Customer said the system displayed to many usb devices connected. I checked it out and found a short on the D+ pin on one of the USB ports. From what I seen the USB data connections should have a pull up resistors. Spent most of the night trying to locate them. I checked every resistor on the console. My conclusion, pull up resistors are inside the south bridge. Believe it was a sad-003 model. 46gg bridge. So, in my opinion it is SB related and needs to be swapped. After checking for parts I am seeing reviews about USB faults when installing the replacement bridge (good old shady vendors). So it appears this is a common fault. Probably due to damaged USB devices causing a short. Also, I have another with a BLOD I was trying to use to compare USB reading. Guess what I found, all USB data lines were low or shorted. So I would assume if you check your USB data lines for shorts on a BLOD slim, it maybe the bridge. This was a sad-004 42gg bridge.

Now only one USB had a data short on the sad-003. I would assume if I had the data sheet for the bridge I could possibly remove it. Reball it excluding the ground pad(s) and data pad(s) for the one USB port and reinstall it to atleast have 1 functioning port. But again, no schematics, data sheets, its all pissing in the wind lol.

To anyone reading. If you know what bridges are interchangeable (say a 42 can be swapped with a 46 or so on). We would all like to know, thanks.

Hope this helps anyone.

Hello amigo…got same problem I think…I try to repair my ps4 controller wit console on and controller plug to usb port wit cablé. .and I touch something in controller and ps4 shut down. …and never restart. …my power supply is good I checked 3 time. .but got no power. …no light. … no bib. …nada …and now don’t know where and watch testing for answer. …sorry my poor english. …please help me!

You probably burnt a component on ps4 usb circuit… start checking from usb downstream on motherboard…

Likely killed the south bridge BGA. But as he said, go upstream. In my case, upstream was straight to the bridge…