Ps4 slim wont accept disc. visible damage to motherboard, help please

I agreed to take a look at a friends playstation as he explained that it has just started having problems taking a disc. the drive itself appears to be normal … upon further inspection i see something sharp has been dropped and made a hole in the motherboard just in front of the connecting ribbon for the disc drive. i have some soldering skills but would like some help being pointed in the right direction as to how to go about this particular repair please

Hi you need provide an image really so people can comment.

However I would advise seeking a repair shop if you are not so confident.

I’m just going to be realistic you need specialist equipment i.e my Weller soldering station cost $1000 with micro-soldering irons. And i have a WEP heat station which is around $200 etc.

Unfortunately you cant really take a random soldering iron that’s under £100 to a board it just wont get the heat for the solder and the iron will be too big for the job etc. Micro electronics need micro soldering equipment etc

good luck with what you choose to do!


well, i had a $60 soldering station, solder iron and heat gun, and i used it for a long time fixing consoles, after that made an upgrade to a hakko soldering iron and quick heat station to make the job easier, but expensive equipment it’s not a must… it’s more about skills and technique… @101sharlou as Aidan said, you should upload pictures so we can figure out what’s your problem, but being honest, i wouldn’t expect that to be fixable if there is a hole in the mb…

@La_Hache_Es_Muda I totally disagree, there are various scenarios when you need specialist equipment. I will never compromise on decent quality equipment. Unfortunately people cant just buy skills and technique off the shelf at the end of the day.