PS4 Slim Won't Sync Controller

Hello, I’ve got a unit that absolutely wont sync controllers to it no matter what I do. I own 3 controllers and I’ve tested the controllers and the USB cable with a friend’s console and they work just fine so the issue isn’t with the controllers or the cable.

What happens is that I connect the controller through USB to the console, and the yellow light on the controller turns on to let me know that it is charging, but when I press the PS button absolutely nothing happens. The same thing also happens with every other controller I’ve tested, and I’ve also tested several USB cables that I know for a fact worked on the other console. I’ve even gone into safe mode to try and factory reset the console, but the exact same thing happens there. This also happens on both USB ports on the console.

I’ve searched the entire internet for an answer to this issue, and no solution works. I think its really weird that the ports power my controllers and even other things like my phone, but they apparently aren’t transmitting data or something. I am completely locked out of my console, and any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the most common cause of this type of problem is a faulty Southbridge chip on the motherboard. It’s not a super common problem but still does happen.

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Is that possible to replace that without having to replace the entire motherboard?

Yes, it’s possible but not easy for someone without a lot of experience.

Try to enter Recovery Mode (Press and hold Power button wait till you hear another beep then release) see if you can move the controls in the Menu.

If it moves then you have a Bluetooth Problem :slight_smile:

You can replace the Part using the same type from a donor board or just order it online .

Some rework soldering is needed though .


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Unfortunately it also does not connect in safe mode :frowning: it just charges the controller

It may need a replacement of the USB Driver Chips (the small 8 leg IC)
If this not solve your problem its related to the Southbridge. (Power IC)

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Check that the wifi cable is there mate they won’t communicate without the wifi cable the console can still connect to wifi but controllers won’t even register if you bought it of ebay it’s possible somebody ripped out that cable I don’t think many know that

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Why would someone rip out the cable though?

There are people out there who would unsure why mostly to spite others as far as I know of

This is usually down to a faulty bluetooth module. You’ll also find sometimes that it won’t even do a firmware update because of it too. You’ll need to get the bluetooth module changed.
Good news is it’s not that hard if you have any soldering experience. You’ll need a hot air station ect. I’ve done plenty of them, the replacement doesn’t need to be identical either so don’t worry too much about rev version ect. As long as the pads on the back of the chip are the same pattern it’ll work fine

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