Ps4 slim won't turn on at all

Please contact at JAVILES2009@AOL.COM. I will like for you guys to fix it for me. Thank you!

It’s your power supply mate i’ve fixed several ps4’s with that problem and it’s always been the power supply

How much does it cost to have power supply replaced?

Where should I go to get my ps4 fixed, it will not give me any signs of power?

Mate the power supply has a model number on it you can exact replacements on ebay you need to get to it look that up to get it here is where the psu is located it has two t8 security screws holding it in somewhere you’ll need to undo those as well as the 4 phillips head screws and any screw underneath aligned with the psu also when removing it you will find a cable plugged into one of these that is my ps4 pro’s old psu so it is slightly different but suits the purpose needed the psu must be the same type or you risk frying the board so look up the model number it will look a little like this the model for that particular one is adp-300fr this is the version in my slim yours may possibly be the same but make sure before you buy mate get the right one the first time there are like three or four different models though they weren’t necessary here’s the link

It’s located at the top just pry that off to get at the bottom screws you’ll require a t10 security screwdriver here’s the type I buy they are cheap but good

I see roach droppings…

Yep an old roach fried one I kept for reference as I meant to replace it but haven’t yet we had a bit of a roach infestation hopefully yours won’t have the roach droppings both those psu’s are fried

Hi…got ps4 slim…no power…no light. …no bib when I plug…my power supply is good…testing 3 time…I create my problem when I try fix my controller plug in usb on front ps4 …wit console on…touch something inside controller and ps4 shut down…he never restart…please sombody can help me.thx you!