PS4 slim won't turn on

I had bug in my power supply. I replaced the power supply but my PlayStation still won’t turn on.

Take out the whole board. Clean it with 99 isopropyl alcohol. Look for anything on the board. It should be apparent if it laid eggs and the board is fried from them. Give it a go cleaning that up if it is the case

Are you sure you replaced it with the correct power supply?

Yes I ordered a replacement power supply for my slim off eBay.

But when I opened the old one and the new one they had different numbers on them.

So the new one has to have the same numbers on it as the old one right

What model is your ps4 slim?

It is a CUH-2215B slim

The power supply you need is ADP-160FR N17-160P1A…Is this the same as the one you purchased?

No I purchased the wrong one. The one I bought is a ADP-160ER

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