PS4 solder power supply connector help


I recently opened up my PS4 to clean it out and the power supply connector to the motherboard broke off. I watched this youtube video about how to solder the connector back on, but I think I have to resort to the trace wire solution for two of the solder areas. This was based on me using a multimeter to try and see if I get a connection from the tiny hole back to where the pad area ripped off. I wasn’t receiving a connection so I assume I need a trace wire to connect the two areas. I am new at this, so I am not 100% sure of how this trace wire works. I also don’t know how to find wire small enough to fit in the hole. Do I need to scrape off any surrounding green surface to expose the board when doing this? Did the multimeter not respond because the hole is too small for the end of the multimeter?

Thanks for your help!