Ps4 still overheating

i recently cleaned a model cuh 1115A that was overheating after i was done i plugged everything in and now its heating up fast then it was before not starting up any games thats how fast it says its overheating i felt the top of the ps4 and it was warm i didnt change the thermal paste i dont have any of that i just brushed and aired out the heatsync what do i have to do now

Well there’s ya problem mate no thermal paste get some thermal paste and put it on and remember to tighten those screws and it should be fixed

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lol i was thinking that i was just wondering if any one else seen it the same way thanks

yup, thermal paste gets old and dry, and then it doesn’t work as well. get ya some good paste and you should be good

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I use arctic silver 5 with mine they love it one of the best I reckon it doesn’t dry as quick either

Here’s the one I use

Can recommend. It a good paste man.

yeah i figured that out bro thanks iits purring like a kitten now im just excited i actually fixed it


Great to know she’s fixed and running again as they say a working console is a happy console

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How tight is to tight?

I use a standard philips head screwdriver and I tighten them until they won’t tighten anymore so hand tightened pretty much

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