Ps4 strange issue, anyone have any input?

Hey guys and gals, I have a ps4 in my shop at the moment and just wanted some input on it.

Basically the console powers on but shows no HDMI, however when I remove the power supply from the ps4 for around 5 mins and reconnect it the ps4 will power on fine and give signal for all of 5 mins (gets to dash @1080P) before the console looses signal again and shows no HDMI (The console does not power off but has white light) no matter how many times the console is rebooted at this point the console shows no HDMI until I remove the power supply from the console again for 5 mins.

Also the console will not enter safe mode during this time, holding the power button just turns on the console then off again. I am fairly certain it’s the power supply but wanted to check with everyone here to 100% make sure before I order a replacement power supply (People are selling them for £30-£50 on eBay)

I am also wondering if it’s the HDMI encoder? Any help is appreciated!!

try tightening the apu clamp, it just happened to me, when the ps4 was getting warm the signal suddenly goes off, i just tightened apu clamp and the problem gone…