PS4 tilting causes BLOD


I have this problem with my PS4. Sometimes i get it up and running via safemode, and after restarting the device all works fine. I can play games etc. The problem starts if you decide to tilt or pick the device up. This is even if the tilt is just like 10°. After that we are in a loop of BLOD. And after some time of wiggling the device may start up again.

Have any ideas?

I even managed to capture a video of this problem, you can see it at

I also figured out that the device turns on to safemode with better odds if it is turned upside down.

have you checked if hdd is inserted correctly.?


Yes it is indeed inserted properly and secured with the screw. It seems to have something to do with the graphics logic, as it distorts the picture when i tilt it just slightly.

Maybe just a classic example of APU problems?

I have some news. In the video shared below you can se that i managed to get the PS4 up and running good enough that i got it to its on without the covers. At this stage i tried to push on different parts of the motherboard, and when pressed at APU site, the graphics instantly get blurry.

Looks like this one has to get a BGA reballing done.