Ps4 turn on light blue, but cant update to a new software update, also have error ce-35888-2


i buy a ps4 and i try to fix it, i change the mother board, and if i try to start the ps4, it turns on, but it requires a software update and when i try tu update the software with my usb or via Lan network, appear an error code CE-35888-2

Have you recently replaced the optical drive?

Yes, i already change the optical drive, and already have a new error code, SU-42118-6 and the disk drive doesn’t work And get the any disk

ok the issue may be accuring due to the optical drives daughter board. You just can’t simple replace the optical drive from another system. You have to use the old daughter board. If the old daughter board is the issue then you can try to remarry the boards hit up Google search about more on these subjects

I have two daughter boards, with one the disk drive works normal, but can’t update because of error code, CE-35888-2, but the disk drive works and sounds like he read the disk normally. (Has a number 4 and its a bdp-025)

With the other daughter board, the one its supposed to be married with the motherboard the system Can update, but at the end, occur error code SU-42118-6, i try to update via LAN and USB, also the disk drive don’t work. (Has a number 3 and its a bdp-025)