PS4 Turns off after hours or even minutes

Hey there,

My problem is, that I have a PS4 slim and an original. My Slim is about 7 years old now and suddenly starting to randomly shut down while gaming. So i figuerd it was due to overheating, but there wasn’t any indicator to it. When turned off for a while it works for about an hour or so, sometimes less. After shutting down the first time, I have to take off all the cables and let it rest for a few minutes or it dosen’t turn on at all. After that it just takes 2-10 minutes, befor it is shutting down again.
So I opened up and cleaned it. At first it seemd to work just fine for about a week or so, even after long gaming sessions up to 7-10 hours. But after a week or so, it happend again.
After this happens a friend of mine offerd me her original PS4, which was a bit old (about 10 years or so) but still worked fine, even if it sounds like an airplain while playing work intensive games.
But now after approximately 2-3 months of use, the same thing happend as with my old slim.

I watched so many videos and searched for forums, etc. but couldn’t find a really good fix/the real issue. Mostly it was just clean it, or put sth under the corners to lift it up a bit, so it can’t get that hot so easily. But as it happen to be, those are just temporary fixes.
Does someone has an idea what i can try?
And sorry for my bad english, greetings from germany! :smile:

A little update:

I startet a deep clean with both consoles. First was the original ps4, which was full of dust and the thermal paste was rock solid. So i took it apart completly and deep cleaned it. Until now it’s running just fine.
For the slim there was a similar situation. Even if i already cleaned the fan and the heatsink, but after taking it apart, the PSU was full of dust. Infact so much, that there was already really big chunks of dust in it and in the rest of the console as well. Besides that, the thermal paste was rock solid too, plus the thermal pads on the RAM-Chips were infact so dry, that they crumbled apart. I think you could say, I played it very much, lol.
So i replaced the thermal paste and buyed some thermal pads. after assambling and testing, i will give you an update.

there is no need o change thermal pads, just clean it with IPA or so and it will be back in service. Anyway problem you have is overheating and Im 98% sure about that . If any of chips would have “desoldered” it self - you would get at its best - BLOD. Best solution when you are cleaning PSU is - Air comressor

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Thanks a lot! I already installed new thermal pads and paste and did already everythig else you suggest. Until now everything is working just fine. The psu alone holded enough dust to build a dust castle, so I think it just did the trick. :smiley: