Ps4 turns on for 1 sec and makes a beep sound then turns off

yesterday this also happened. all i did is switch the outlet to plug my ps4 and it worked. today im doing the same thing but it wont turn on. when i unplug then plug it again, i press the power button, it makes a blue light on the power button and makes beep sound then it turns off. if i turn it on from the controller, the controller cant find the ps4 even if its plugged. everything is plugged perfectly.

edit: nevermind i waited an hour and it turned on now. im playing games now but if it happens again i suggest you guys help me.

Same thing happened to me. It was fine yesterday, I was playing for sometime(not too long) and then the PS4 was heating up a bit, just the usual, I just shut it down and left. Today I’m not even able to start my PS4. I have thoroughly checked the cables and the power outlet. I press the power button and nothing happens. Rarely the power button turns blue for half a second and then turns off.