PS4 WLOD after plugging into HDMI booster

Hi everybody,

Today I plugged my PS4 into a 4K*2K signal booster, as I was getting dropouts when running it through a splitter. After doing this I never got a picture again, on any monitor, with any HDMI cable - safe mode or otherwise. It’s an F-chassis console with a SAF-003 motherboard.

I tore the system apart and took some readings. EMI filters all look absolutely fine (continuity to pins but not between pins) and no apparent shorts to ground. I’ve attached the readings from the rear only. Replace “dot” with a . in the below URL (it won’t let me post it due to being a new user)

imgur dot com/a/m5sdCOb

Unfortunately during taking readings I created a short and the system went dead. I identified the short as being a 5-pin component on the rear of the board (diode I think?) and the board is now booting again back to WLOD. It’s the one that has “2.5V” above it in the above picture.

Has anyone got any idea what this component is so I can order a replacement? And any ideas on where the problem might lie if not the encoder IC? (I have absolutely zero faith in my ability to replace that thing so I might send the board to someone in that case)

Thanks in advance everyone!

did you check pins on hdmi port not to be bent? probably some got damage when you plugged it for the first time…

HDMI port is all OK - the console was connected to the booster from the opposite end of the cable so I don’t think physical damage was caused.

then your next step is to replace the ic…

Have ordered a replacement - ty

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