PS4 won't turn on after repair

I recently did a full tear-down on my PS4 and it won’t turn on. When I took it apart it was completely filled with “Crunchy” dust so I used Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol and cleaned all that could be reached. I followed a step by step guide and put it all back together without any missing pieces. I waited an extra 24 hours just to be safe and let it dry/evaporate. I’ve tried just about anything and am down for any ideas. I think it’s a PS4 Original but am unsure.

Did you make sure to plug in the power supply, and does it turn on from a controller?

I’ve tried a controller start, and made sureservations the power supply is completely in-tact.

I forgot to ask, what does it do when you turn it on? Does it not beep at all, beep once then shut off, or does it beep 3 times and shut off?

It makes no sound at all. no beeps no lights, nothing.