Ps4 wont turn on beebs one time and not not spinning

Hey guys

I need help with my ps4 when i turn it on nothing happens the console has power because it beebs when i press the button and the fan is not spinning pls help me

Need more information to guess what is going on here. Is the PS4 properly connected to the outlet, and power cable fully plugged in the back? Have you opened the console or has this happened out of no where? If the fan isn’t spinning it is either disconnected or has gone bad. Please provide more information like the circumstances, if it has been opened, ps4 model, etc.

when i dropped my ps4 it stopped working the fan is good because it still spins for 2 sec then stops when there’s a click from the PSU

Huh. Sounds like the power supply might have gotten jostled too hard or some component got messed up from the fall. Possibly just something un-plugged or seated incorrectly. Might have to take it apart to have a look.

Yes i took it apart and the thing shocked me so i just left the thing apart i don’t know what to do and what to check for