Ps4 wont turn on please help

My ps4 slim beeps once the fan doesnt spin and nothing comes up on the tv the power cable is on and is on the wall and it says ps4 on the hdmi but after the beep if doesnt say it

Hey @C0rrupted_file first of all welcome to this forum, i don’t know if you still need my help but i’ll help you regarding this matter. So first of all, I’ve been fix several case like this and mostly there’s 2 problem that cause this issue; either it’s power supply or the APU itself. So here’s how you identified it, first check for the power supply, you need a multimeter to check the output of the power supply. And how to do that is you could refer to this link below

If your power supply did give output i’ve got bad news for you. There’s highly potential that your APU is the problem. So the solder ball below the APU seems cracked and doesn’t contact with the board, and the solution is you could try to rework it but this need BGA Machine and an experience technician.