Ps4 works on every TV but my kuros

friend said he had an old ps4 in storage, said he dropped it and it never worked again

after replacing the hdmi port, connected to my cpu monitor, excited it was all working, i went to hook up to my tv, no signal

it’s a pioneer kuro plasma, quite old, however i had a friend over not too long ago with his ps4, worked just fine with the tv (note here: the firmware on his ps4 was 9.03)

tested every single hdmi cord in the house, no luck

plugged it into my newish sony project, came right up

went to parents house and plugged it into their newish Sony oled, the Sony tv had ‘ps4’ in the input menu before I even turned the system on

i have an hdmi ethernet extender connected to another kuro in the house, boom works, directly connected to the same tv, doesnt work

ok, something is wrong with the hdmi handshake? i disabled hdcp on the console, i did a full refresh of the software, full re-initialization, safe mode, set to 480p, nada

cannot get this thing connected to these kuros. i have an hdmi breakout board coming to make sure its not a pin that didnt get connected during the replacement, or a faulty hdmi replacement port

i’m down to two options before throwing it across the room: 5.05 firmware is buggy and software would fix this (obviously ideal would be to stick with 5.05) or the HDMI IC need replacing