PS4 works only in 1080p or lower

I have a ps4 pro where i replaced the hdmi ic and Port. When i connect it to a 1080p Monitor or TV it works without Problems. On my 4K TVs it try to Display 2160p (RGB) and i do not get any output on the screen. I can force the ps4 to Display 1080p on my 4k TV via safemode but when i try to Set it to 4k i get no output. When i disable deep color and hdr i get IT to Display 2160 yuv
but there is a barely noticeable static noise in the picture. Does anyone know this Problem?
Can this Problem occur from a Bad Solder Job?
I tested it with different hdmi cables. The Original Ps4 and PS5 One and an 3rd Party Cable. The PS5 Cable works slighty better but still gets the noise.

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Sounds like HDMI IC issue

Final Updste:
It was a Bad solder joint on the HDMI IC.
After some more try i managed to solder it probably.
Now the ps4 works in 4K HDR.