PS5 BDM-030 Dualsense - not charging or USB being recognised after port swap

It required a new USB-C port that I have been confidently able to replace. I have some experience with micro soldering.

I have also checked every pin and they are definitely all soldered in place securely.(see 1st and 2nd images)

I understand that PlayStation like to be crafty and not install Standard USB ports, but I purchased from a reputable supplier with the correct pin configuration.

Now, when I plug it in to “hardware tester gamepad software” it isn’t even recognising that a USB is plugged in at all.

Note: it does power up with battery though, because when I pressed the PlayStation button on the controller, it connected to my sons PS5

Also, connected up to my USB meter and both Data lines are present along with V+ (see 3rd image)

Lastly, I have tried the reset button on the controller, (unsure how to send the video on here from my iPhone)
which on my meter acknowledges that a reset has been carried out, but still no USB acknowledged on my Laptop.

Please someone help me further diagnose the fault

Note: I do have a couple of spare PS5 controllers with various other faults, but none are the BDM-030 models