PS5 beep. not normal start

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problem with the motherboard when I start it, the first start time beeps and after 2 seconds it turns off. When I examined the motherboard, the F7003 fuse was broken. i changed i didn’t get result

The values of all coils are normal. The CPU circuit is 1-2 ohm but not a short circuit. Because they have the same low value on the zen cpu value graphics cards

I measured the voltages of the active coils at the first start time with an oscilloscope. everything is smooth. all voltages in the coils are activated for 2 seconds. The current drawn is up to 7 amps.

Bios Eeprom Data Read the first start time

my first question. Is this coil ohms normal?
Coil with two opposite GPU

my other question. What is the name of this ic?
marking code

Let me mention that, the same was not used in this ic ps5 motherboards.
700BNL (marking code) on my motherboard used

Unfortunately, there is no permission to add pictures in the forum. I wanted to show it with a picture