Ps5 beeps blue light comes on then turns off in 1 second

Does anyone have a solution for what I am dubbing the blue light of death. The issue is the ps5 beeps and the blue light comes on for 1 second then it all shuts back down. Power supply is good. Nothing noticeable on the motherboard. I kinda suspect apu but I don’t know enough about it to say indefinitely. If anyone has insight on how to fix please help me out.

Honestly, as of right now your best option is waiting it out until there is more info on these consoles. If its the apu its screwed, since to properly fix it you will need to replace the whole chip, and currently you can’t buy a new chip and we don’t know if said chip is locked to the motherboard like the ps3s were

GOT a PS5 comes in today.It only Beeps but no LED or fan spin.
Board never been opened, and I checked psu 12v is present. No physical damage or short cap