PS5 beeps ones and then nothing

I have a new interesting PS5 case.

After pushing start, it beeps ones and then nothing. After aprox. five seconds it takes the start signal again.
The console was never opened and is in very good condition.
All standby voltages are present, no shorts, no open fuses. The power on voltages are only partial readable doe to the power off after 1 sec.

The power consumption at powercord plugin: 7 mA → max 220 mA (stays some seconds) → back to 7 mA. For some reasons it doesn’t goes pass 220 mA to the expected 300 mA.

I tried to insert a disc, but the drive doesn’t start the PS5 and doesn’t start to pull the disc in. (The drive is working fine at another PS5) If eject is pushed, the no disc inside beeps are hearable.

Is my assumption right that the southbridge is the culprit?

check this vid if you have similar symptom

Thank you. I watched some ToltecMerc and TheCod3r videos with similar one-beep-and-nothing problems, but not quit the same case.

I will first reball the southbridge and if no change replace the southbridge.
Doe to the high price of the southbridge, I hoped someone have some experience with faulty southbridges.

In case of SB issue from my exp, you wont have one beep when press power button at all or current draw wont go higher than 100mA. I rarely saw any mainboard came in with SB issue but draw that much current.

Ok. Good to know.
At the EMC UART I get the correct prompt: OK 00000000:3A $$ [MANU] UART CMD READY:36
But doe to playing around with the NOR, I asume that this output only indicates a working southbridge.

My focus on the SB is because of the missing start at inserting a disc. Normaly it starts the PS5.

TheCod3r has a nice list of current draws at the boot sequence for specific failures in his actuall video:
(at timestamp 0:50)

For my case in would indicate a bad ssd.

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