PS5 blown capacitor question

Hello everyone. My friend asked me to clean his ps5. Inside i found this blown capacitor. Strangely enough console is working completely fine and withount any issues in that state. Can anyone tell me what this capacitos is responsible for and how dangerous it is to leave it be like that? And if i need to replace that what values and smd size is it? I would be very gratefull for any advice.
P.S. - it’s a digital edition CFI - 10XX
Here is some pics of this mess

This are bypass capacitors. And obvious your friend is very lucky that they brocken this way. Normally a bad caps is simply shorting the line. In this case the failing was so massive that it took out the whole cap.

I would desolder the remains parts to ensure that they are not accidential shorting the line.
For the values I can only guess, but maybe @jkyoho has an idea for the values in this spot.

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Those are 4x 10uF_16v_0603 caps.
Clean the area both side and replace all 4 of them just in case.

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@Calvin yeah, i’m also impressed how it’s still working and there is no short or a single problem with console. I was also think to replace them, but there is no spare parts or donor board on hand. Thx to @jkyoho i know what parts to buy now for replacement.

BTW i’m quite impressed how fast and self-explanatory all the answers are. Thx again guys! Nice community. I’m very exited to be a part of it) Case closed)