PS5 CFI-1016A strange problem. Blu light, start then white light 3 beeps and shout down

Hello people, please let me describe my problem:

I purchased this not working PS5 CFI-1016A. Out of warranty, seller says that actually brought the consol to the local repair shop but they din’t solve. I had not opened it yet to ispect the inside.
This is the strange problem: as soon as I pluy DC chord in blu light! (no beep, go straight to blue light fore one second than light off). Then I press power button, 1 beep and blue light came out, It also out-put HDMI image (press PS button request on the image displayed) but suddently in the seam time the blue light goes white 3 beep and consol auto shout down. This again and again and again. Finally, when I plug off CD chord, again blue light for one scond (no DC chord plugged!)

Can you please helping me figure out what is the problem? Any suggest and hints would be apriciated.

This is not mine video, but my ps5 does act exactly the same : I just got 3 beeps of death on my PS5 + Sony's lame reaction in the description - YouTube .

Some people says it’s related to led board problem.

Disconnecting LED board the consol starts and work normally. The problem was this tiny LED board. Ordered an other one, board ID code: EDL-010 (my PS5 is 1016A model). Will test it as soon as arrive.

Led light connector disconnect it and see if the problem stays if yes a 5v rail short

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Thank you for your post and welcome. yes, disconnecting LED board the consol starts and work normally.