Ps5 Crashes in main menu and goes on an infinite boot loop

I bought a ps5 on eBay for cheap and when I plugged it in it would only allow me to explore the main screen a few seconds and then crash, after it would be stuck on a boot loop.

The console itself sounds like it stays on and never actually shuts off, the fan doesn’t stop spinning and the console has a white light. When I press the power button when it’s on the boot loop it does three beeps, but sometimes I can get it to turn off in between it looping if I time it right.

I attempted to reinstall the firmware twice and it doesn’t crash while in safe mode or when it’s reinstalling. It only starts crashing as soon as I get to the point in the beginning setup when I need to sign in. I have a video of it happening, but it doesn’t let me post it.

It would be either SSD CONTROLLER or APU, seen this kind issue before.
Ask for refund or exchange is your best bet

Yeah I was thinking it might’ve had something to do with the SSD as well. Would the APU having a dry spot on it also be a possibility as to why this could be a cause? Not sure if there is one, but was just curious.

dry LM spot would make fan spin up fast or eventually leading to force shutdown, but not freeze up

Oh ok I see. Just to humor myself I noticed that a trace on the power supply has a big black spot in the middle of it and there is a big dry spot on the APU. Probably not the cause of the problem but still isn’t good :/. I bought it for pretty cheap on eBay so I’m at a loss with this, pretty sure the warranty is over as well.

I’m sorry for you we all take chances hoping it might be an easy fix but unfortunately there isn’t a solution ATM there are two videos on YouTube with a no fix but maybe the right technician may come along and solve this issue for all who is going through this dilemma.

Yeah, I ordered a new power supply because I’m not confident enough to work on them to see if I see ANY difference with one that doesn’t have a damaged trace and if I don’t then I’ll just sell for parts.

I don’t think it’s the power supply it only supply 12v to the motherboard. I have an Xbox series X and if it stays 10 seconds on the dashboard it will shut off unless you have a game running, ordered a new power supply and that didn’t fix it in the YouTube video the tech changed the ssd controller twice in two separate video and that didn’t fix the problem.