Ps5 crashes with ps5 games

so basically i’ve done everything possible to get this ps5 to work any time i play a ps5 version for a game it just crashes for example say i play the ps5 version of call of duty it’ll crash in 30 seconds and just turn off the ps5 but if i download the ps4 version and play it i could play for hours on end with no problem i’ve tried multiple solutions i’ve updated my ps5 to the newest software update ive cleared my cache and rebuilt my data base multiple times even hard reseted the ps5 i’ve opened it up and cleaned it multiple times and i’ve even respread the liquid metal twice i’ve tried different outlets i’ve tried having the ps5 vertically and horizontal ive tried different tvs even a monitor and different power cables and hdmi cables ive tried everything so im here for any suggestions possible to fix my problem any suggestions would help

Is the error code on the screen CE-108255-1?

i don’t get a error code it usually says my ps5 is too hot and then turns off or it would just turn off randomly but that only happens with ps5 games with ps4 games it runs smoothly

Good morning
are you sure the fan is working? If the processor has darkened a little, you need to clean it really well, then change the liquid thermal paste to no longer have any concerns about overheating.

I had a PS5 where the fan was spinning but was at a constant slow rate and was not spinning faster when the system was under a heavy load. Might be worth changing the fan.