PS5 current draw jump after applying 12V

Hi there,

I have this PS5 EDM033 that’s driving me crazy. When applying 12V to te board I expect few seconds 300mA, then idle to 8mA. This board goes 1-2sec 300mA then jumps to 430mA and then goes to idle 8mA. Seems that something’s called by the southbridge that draws to much.

Continuity and supply voltages around the usual suspects, HDMI ic, southbridge, ssd controller and wifi module are all as expected.

Anybody any suggestions to what boots after few seconds? Or how to measure the initialisation by the southbridge?

Did you check for error codes via UART or nor dump?

Unfortunately the UART codes are
not very specific. Are there any caps, resistors or test pads on these datalines? Else 8x RAM IC reball or swap…

Scope image of the power up current for the connaisseurs…